Hide / show column in SSRS using parameter

In SSRS reports you can easily determine which table columns are visible by default.  Not everyone knows that you can give user possibility to choose which columns should be visible.

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SSRS – Alternating row colour

To set alternating row colour you need to:

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SSRS – Fixing row height

Select the row you want to change the height of. With that row selected bring up the properties pane (Alt+enter if you don’t see it). Scroll down to the position group of properties and specify the width and height there. The “cangrow” and “canshrink” properties are useful too sometimes.




Hinding controls when rendering report into interactive mode (eg. Excel)

All you nedd to do is set Hidden property of control to expression:

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BrakLine is Textbox (SSRS)

If You want to break line, put & vbcrlf & in textbox expression


=”Issue list:” & vbcrlf & Parameters!pListName.Value


Sorting by parameter in SSRS

If you want to sort dataset/tablix using parameter follow these steps:

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