Two datasets in one table (SSRS)

Using “Lookup” function in SSRS you can combine data from two datasets in one table.

Function syntax as follows:

Lookup(source_expression, destination_expression, result_expression, dataset)


source_expression – key field from table dataset

destination_expression – key field from other dataset (values in source_expression and destination_expression must be equal to map datasets)

result_expression – field from other dataset which we want to show

dataset – dataset from which we want to gather additional data


We have SSRS table (dataset name Customer):

Bez tytułu

And two datasets:

Bez tytułu

We want to show Name from Contact dataset which is linked with Customer via CustomerId field. Expression in Contact field in table should look like:

Lookup(Id, CustomerId, Name, Contact)

Bez tytułu


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