Sorting by parameter in SSRS

If you want to sort dataset/tablix using parameter follow these steps:

  1. Create two parameters: SortBy and Sort Order


  • In SortBy you have to list all columns you want to sort by, eg.:


Label is what user will choose, Value is value in your dataset you want to sort by. You can set default value in “Default values” tab.

  • In SortOrder you have to put two values:


That values will determine order of sorting. You can set default value in “Default values” tab.

2. Set sorting values

Go to Tablix -> Properties -> Sorting and add two sorting expressions. Because you cannot set custom sorting order, you need to put two sorting expressions:

=IIF(Parameters!SortOrder.Value=”Asc”,Fields(Parameters!SortBy.Value).Value,0) where you set order as A-Z

=IIF(Parameters!SortOrder.Value=”Desc”,Fields(Parameters!SortBy.Value).Value,0) where you set order as Z-A


That`s all 😉


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