Hide / show column in SSRS using parameter

In SSRS reports you can easily determine which table columns are visible by default.  Not everyone knows that you can give user possibility to choose which columns should be visible.

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Essential UML diagrams in software specification

UML notation allows you to use a lot of diagrams that help you to prepare a complete software specification. After several years and projects working as a business analyst I want to point out those diagrams that I think are necessary and sufficent. I will not describe how to create individual diagrams (there is a lot of theory, examples, templates in the web) , but what are their goals and advantages.

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MS Project – discover secrets of Budget

Everybody knows how difficult is it to create a good schedule for a project. Today I want to tell you about Budget features in MS Project (screens from MS Project 2016, but it works the same in 2013 and 2010 versions).

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Monthly Azure credit for Visual Studio subscribers

Not many MSDN subscribers know about this, but as part of the MSDN subscription you can use the free credits to try out Microsft Azure.

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SSRS – Alternating row colour

To set alternating row colour you need to:

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SSRS – Fixing row height

Select the row you want to change the height of. With that row selected bring up the properties pane (Alt+enter if you don’t see it). Scroll down to the position group of properties and specify the width and height there. The “cangrow” and “canshrink” properties are useful too sometimes.